Thursday, January 10, 2013

Desperately need Professional Translation Agency?

Working as a Staff in one of the largest English course in the World, I have so many experiences when customers came to the lobby for asking whether we're one of translation agencies that providing translation service. Whereas our logo & tagline clearly mentioning we're Education Company, they insisted. 

Sometimes it's really annoyed me, I didn't expect the questions. Otherwise I was expecting they came as a lead before then being a student. I was about to practise my product knowledge skills. But, instead of selling I tried to understand them. I put myself on their position. They have a problem, and need a quick solution. I'll do the same, if I were one of them. 

At the first time I always say sorry, we can't help and waiting for the responses whether they need non instant solution by joining my classes. Until one day, I found translation company on internet by accident. Desperately someone need help, and the only thing I could do was browsing. There were so many translation companies providing translations services, they annoyed me until my senior manager refer me to an international translation agency, headquartered in London.
He said, his sister is doing tesis on Civil Engineering, and everytime she need a technical translation, she contacts translation agency

Since then, everytime someone asking for legal, financial or medical translation I recommend that site. Mostly my customers agree with me & satisfied with the efficient service they got.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to gain more customers?

Most of people will say if you have good products then customers will come. That’s correct. But the first question will be how to introduce your products to people? They won’t be your customers before they know your products. And nowadays, so many products around us and almost easily we can have whatever we want in just one click.

The second question will be how to differentiate your products with competitors? To know better about your prospect having a marketing plan is a must. As your first step, you need online survey tool. That’s simple. Give it to, for communicate online with your customers, and prospects. iContact Email Marketing is easy and inexpensive, starts at $9.95 per month and scales upward based on list size. Using targeted email marketing no need to worry that your mail will goes to wrong inbox. Visit the site and get a 15 day free trial of iContact for the best option out there.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Light up your house

Since the first experiments in electric lighting were conducted by Sir Humphry Davy, then continued by Thomas Edison, electric lights sources such as lamps started to replace candles or oil lamps. Now, it's make most of us can not live without it. Besides as illumination, lighting also achieve aesthetic effects, as a key part of both interior and outdoor design.

Forecast lighting, leads us to many lighting accessories that combined high value with skill and care together. If you love traditional handcrafted, you can find it under fine art lamps. And for contemporary one, George Kovacs lighting products are my recommendation. It's not all. Hundreds of lighting fixtures today available on Internet, so no more reasons, just light up your house!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blog Shopwiki

Shop online? Something in common nowadays, as we know that Shopwiki is the market leader on this. But do you know that Shopwiki also has a blog?

I have one, my personal blog. Which is about sharing experiences, daily life, and tips sometimes. But Confused yet? Don't be until you drop this site. Its very easy to navigate, and the most important thing,it's fun! Blog Shopwiki share thoughts about some of the crazy products, collecting something weird, and wonderful as well on a day-to-day basis. I thought Shopwiki and audience can learn each other through this blog. That's what blog are for, isn't?

Do you know my favorite during visiting? Hunk Friday. One of Blog Shopwiki article about the hunkiest hair. Guess who is the winner? Nicolas Cage’s hair. Darin, the blogger guess that Nicolas Cage never got the memo, that no action hero can be a hero with a receding hairline. Something worth to visit, read this blog.